Remember:   Stash distractions away
1 Reading This Document
1.1 Definitions
2 Basics
3 Navigation & Editing
4 Date/  time Modifiers
4.1 Relative Modifiers
4.2 Exact Modifiers
4.3 Recurring Reminders
4.4 Postponing Reminders

Remember: Stash distractions away

Bogdan Popa <>

Remember is meant to be operated entirely via the keyboard. While very convenient once you’re used to it, this makes it challenging to get started. This document describes the features available in Remember and their operation.

1 Reading This Document

Because Remember is keyboard-driven, this document contains many keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are written using the textual representation of each key. When you see a shortcut like ⌥ ⎵, you should interpret it as holding down the Option key and pressing the Space key.










1.1 Definitions

The input area is the text input in which you type reminders.

The current desktop is the desktop or screen on which the mouse cursor is currently sitting.

2 Basics

⌥ ⎵ — Pressing this shortcut shows or hides Remember. If Remember is running, it will appear on the current desktop whenever you press this shortcut. You can customize this shortcut using the Preferences pane (⌘ ,).

⌘ Q — Pressing this shortcut quits the application.

⌘ , — Pressing this shortcut opens the Preferences dialog.

3 Navigation & Editing

↩ — If the input area contains text, pressing return creates a new reminder. If an existing reminder is selected, pressing return opens the reminder for editing, and pressing return again commits the change.

⎋ — If the input area contains text, pressing escape clears it. If the input area is already empty, then pressing escape dismisses Remember.

⌃ P — Selects the previous reminder.

⌃ N — Selects the next reminder.

⌫ — If an existing reminder is selected, pressing delete archives it. Recurring reminders are reset instead.

⌥ ⌫ — If an existing reminder is selected, pressing ⌥ ⌫ deletes it.

⌘ Z — Undoes the previous action.

4 Date/time Modifiers

Remember recognizes a small set of special modifiers in your reminders that control if and when it notifies you about them. For example, a reminder like

buy milk +30m *every 2 weeks*

would fire 30 minutes from when it is created and then once every 2 weeks at the same time of day.

4.1 Relative Modifiers

A + character followed by a positive number and an interval suffix instructs Remember to notify you after a specific amount of time. The supported intervals are:

4.2 Exact Modifiers

A @ character followed by a time and an optional day of the week instructs Remember to notify you at an exact time of day. Some examples:

If you don’t specify a day of the week and that time has already passed in the current day, then Remember implicitly considers the reminder to be for the following day. For example, say it is currently 11am, the reminder

buy milk @10am

will fire at 10am the next day.

4.3 Recurring Reminders

The following modifiers create recurring reminders:

Where N is any positive number.

Recurring reminders repeat at the same time of day after some interval. Archiving a recurring reminder () resets it for the next interval.

4.4 Postponing Reminders

When editing a reminder (), you can postpone it by applying another modifier to it. For example, if you create a reminder like

buy milk +20m

and then edit it five minutes later to add another modifier like

buy milk +60m

then the two modifiers stack up and you will be reminded about it after 75 minutes.

If you make a mistake, you can undo the change with ⌘ Z.